Personalized IT-services

Partnership – Providing excellent support.

Our IT-Operations service offers the possibility to support and manage IT-infrastructures of different sizes.

SFA-Operations is able to supports companies with resource bottlenecks by conducting service-tasks ranging from procurement, implementation and training to day-to-day operations (e.g. backups, maintenance, software updates, master data management, preparation of reports) in connection with our SFA-modules.

With our Software Engineering service we meet special requirements for software-customization/modernization for economy and industry.


We have many years of experience in IT-infrastructure management. We are currently managing a large number of clients and servers in our highly available data centers. With our simple and unbureaucratic approach, we ensure a complete and worry-free IT-management (including hardware supply management), regardless of the company size.

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Irrespective of the assumed knowledge of the current IT-situation and the licenses used, the beginning of the kick off is a so called IT- screening. In this workshop, the current IT-infrastructure (hardware & software) is reviewed, potential issues are identified and finally presented in the form of a report. Based on this report, we can offer flexible, and above all, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions (IT-outsourcing, cloud solutions, etc.). You decide about the degree of the IT supervision, no matter whether it is partially or entirely carried out by us.

For us nothing is impossible.

In any case, we find a common solution, even if it is not carried out by us primarily. We see ourselves as partners. Would you like to have only your current IT-situation assessed or evaluated? Do you need a (different) professional opinion? We also offer an independent opinion that supports you in decision making in areas like IT-recommendations, IT-investments, IT-financing, IT-license management and IT-optimization.

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The LeadSys Support team provides comprehensive services and solutions tailored to our partners’ company. Our partners can forget about the operating needs of their SFA system.

We maintain day to day relationship with all our clients so we can respond to our customers’ needs in a timely manner. Our inhouse support team provides up-to-date information on technical support requests for our system users.

Our system’s customization ability enables an integration of our systems with any existing operating solution.

Our BackOffice service provides help for our clients who are unable to perform operator tasks or have a seasonal shortage of human resources (e.g. during operator’s illness, or even throughout the system’s lifecycle).

With this service, our company takes over operator-related tasks for a defined period.

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Software Engineering

In addition to our experience, we offer innovative IT know-how to develop software solutions through our business network.

Key core developments and solutions in this area include ERP systems (for logistics, retail, media), CRM systems, general application development, special R & D solutions and IT security software.

At the beginning a demand survey is carried out to identify functions, wishes and ideas. In the next step the technical “current”-situation is assessed to find out which existing technologies can be integrated to save time and money.

As a result of our approach, a requirement profile is created in the form of a document, which contains technologies, priorities and any necessary additional software development. In addition, we offer a roadmap to ensure a gradual introduction and acceptance of the new software solution.

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